Work with us. You'll like it here.

We're always looking to expand our creative network so if you'd like to be involved, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from:


Are you an interviewer? Perhaps you'd like to write an article and voice an opinion? Whatever your idea or approach, if it involves putting informative, expressive and opinionated words on paper, let us know.


We publish articles from all over the world and we always need talented photographers to help bring them to life. To kick things off, you could let us know where you are and maybe send over a few samples of your work. Then we can add you to the roster.


Whether you want to submit your existing work or hear what we might need you to create, let us know what would interest you.

Take a look here for inspiration.


If shooting video or editing is your thing, send us your information. We've a whole host of ideas you'll be able to work on.


If you're looking for work experience in the publishing and/or drumming industries, we can help with that. Depending on where you're based, we can arrange for you to work remotely.


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