My Life as a Drummer Depicted by Animal GIFs


1) When the Audio Engineer asks for a snare level at soundcheck but there're random people watching:

2) What happens in your head every time you hear In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins: 

3) When it's time for the best man's speech.

4) When you play in-between songs at rehearsal:

5) Whenever you have to play an "acoustic set."

6) When the guitarist writes the drum part:

7) What it feels like to audition when you have no self confidence:

8) When the drum tech subtly attempts to screw the nut back onto your hi hat clutch mid show: 

9) When your parents told you that if you're not going to practice, then it goes back to the store.

10) What playing "battle of the bands" feels like:

11) Attempting to decipher drum parts by ear:

12) When you think you're getting better and decide to Google "drum solo" for inspiration:

13) When trying to imagine what being Neil Peart must be like:

14) When you're forced to finally clear out your "gig bag".

15) When band members think 'rimshot' and 'cross-stick' are interchangeable terms. 

16) "There's a label representative in the audience tonight, no f*ck ups."